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Bikes move through the Send My Bag network every day, many belonging to people taking cycling holidays but also to professionals travelling to popular events and training destinations, such as Mallorca.

Regardless of why you're sending your bike, below we've compiled some top tips to help you get the most from the service:

  1. Ensure your bike is packaged properly. We recommend you check with your bike's manufacturer for any tips on how to prepare your particular bike model for transit. You should then package your bike securely within a freight-approved bike box. If you do not have a freight-approved box we recommend dismantling your bike and placing it within your normal carry case and then packaging this case within a sturdy double walled cardboard box. We do not recommend placing a bike in a box without it first being placed inside a case. If your bike is not boxed in a freight approved bike box or cardboard box your collection may be refused. You should always take care to add additional protection to any parts which may be prone to damage, such as lightweight frames, and ensure protruding parts, like handles and pedals, are not going to poke through the box. Send My Bag cover cannot extend to any damage when your bike is packaged in any way other than within a freight-approved bike box. Therefore, when using any non freight-approved boxes, your packaging should be extremely thorough.
  2. Measure your box and enter the dimensions on step one of the order process for an accurate quote. Bike boxes can be quite large and they will often exceed our standard large suitcase rate. In order to view a quote that is accurate for your own bike, simply proceed from our quote page to the first step of the order process and enter your box's dimensions. As recommended above, for protection we suggest always placing any soft sided carry case inside a double walled cardboard box; if you do this the box is also easily measured. Some customers will, however, still send bikes in soft sided carry cases. This is not recommended (regardless of how much protection you add) and Send My Bag cover will not cover any damage claims which arise when a bike is sent like this If you do choose to send a bike packaged in this way please also take care to measure your bag across the widest points to receive an accurate quote. If you do not meausre your bag accurately and your bag exceeds the allowance purchased, you will receive an over size notification when your bag is measured during transit.
  3. If you're taking a biking vacation, arrange for your bike to arrive before you. Send My Bag transit times are estimates and, while we have a great on-time record, it makes sense to protect yourself against unexpected delays by ensuring your bike is due to arrive at least 3 days before you. We recommend having it planned to arrive 5 days before you if sending to or from a designated remote area. If sending on a route on which international customs apply, please also take care to read the information on the relevant shipping destination page, allowing any extra time as advised and adhering to any guidance provided. Most resorts and hotels will be happy to store your bike prior to your arrival. You can track your bike every step of the way with the Send My Bag App.

Bike Shipping

With a continued, growing interest in cycling as a whole, we have seen an increase in the number of people shipping bikes abroad. Here at Send My Bag we are proud to offer a bike courier service allowing us to ship your bike overseas to most countries around the world. With more and more companies being able to charge high prices for sending a bike abroad, our bicycle courier service is able to beat these prices and offer you a reliable and safe way to transport your bike.

This service allows you to easily avoid extortionate baggage costs incurred with many airlines. You can send a bike abroad, worry free, knowing that upon arrival at your hotel or resort, your bike will be there waiting for you.

Shipping your Bike Overseas

Shipping a bike overseas is much simpler than you would expect. We’ve teamed up with specialist couriers to provide our customers with the best prices, allowing us to beat most other companies and airlines. Using a bike shipping service allows you to travel to your desired destination without having to worry about dragging lots of baggage with you. You can rest reassured in the knowledge that your bike is being taken care of for you.

Our Bike Courier Service

There are many advantages to sending your bike abroad. It allows you to avoid hidden or inflated costs from your airline and to travel without the burden of numerous bags. Shipping your bike overseas also means that you can use your own bike throughout your holiday, rather than having to hire one.

To send a bike abroad or within the UK or USA, you first need to complete the online shipping quote form on our website for an instant online quote. The rest is easy – you simply need to make sure your bike is properly packaged and then print off and attach your labels, so your bike is ready for pick up by our specialist bike couriers. Once your bike has been collected you can focus on getting ready to head overseas.

We are constantly increasing the number of routes we operate around the world, which means that we can bring you extremely competitive prices for our bike courier service. So why not obtain a free online quote today?


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