How to Send Excess Baggage: Step by Step

What is unaccompanied baggage shipping? This is when you send your luggage ahead before you travel so that you can travel light, while still having everything you need with you at your destination. It's a great option for students, people moving abroad and holidaymakers.

Step 1. Get a Quick Quote

Once you’ve decided to use Send My Bag® to ship your unaccompanied luggage and excess baggage, you can use our hassle free quick quote tool to get a price for your delivery within seconds. Simply enter the country you’d like your luggage collected from, where you’d like it sent to, and a collection date, then press go. We’ll provide you with our best rate as well as an estimated delivery date.

Step 2. Book Your Unaccompanied Luggage Shipping Online

When you’re happy with the price we’ve quoted you, go ahead and book your unaccompanied luggage delivery online with our super-easy booking system. All you will need to do is choose a collection day, which can be any working day of the week. We recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance for domestic shipments, 48 hours in advance for non-EU collections and 72 hours in very remote areas. It should take no more than 5 minutes to have your excess bags booked in for delivery.

Step 3. Prepare Your Unaccompanied Bags

Our destination pages will give you all the information on which items you can and can’t transport to certain destinations, but in general, you should never pack aerosols, flammable liquids, or glass in unaccompanied bags and you should ensure that you have packed thoroughly for transit and that any cardboard boxes used are reinforced and sturdy.

In the days before your collection (usually no less than 5 days in advance), a booking confirmation email will be sent to you which includes a tracking number and links where you can download your labels. You will need to print these and attach them to your bag as they are compulsory for shipping excess baggage on all our services. If you book a week or more in advance, during checkout we'll give you the option to have labels printed and sent to you. It’s also recommended that you put a spare copy inside each bag, too. We recommend attaching labels using an official Send My Bag® label holder, which you can order free of charge during checkout.

Bags outside the EU will need customs clearance information. You will receive this information by email, including forms for you to complete. These will also need to be printed and attached in a separate wallet.

Watch our preparing your bag video.

Sending sports equipment? Check out our information pages on sending bikesskis, and golf clubs.

Step 4. Collection of Your Excess Baggage

Send My Bag® collections usually take place between 9am and 6pm, but we cannot guarantee a specific time. Nor can we telephone you when the driver has arrived. The sender is not required to hand the luggage over to the driver, so we’re happy for you to leave it with a neighbour and let us know, or to take it to your place of work if you won’t be in at your residential address. Bear in mind that items will need to be collected at the main point of access, so they will need to be brought to the ground floor, to a reception, or a porter’s office if you are in student halls.

Step 5. Track Your Unaccompanied Bags

Log into your account and simply select your delivery to follow its journey. It is possible to track it through both our local and international couriers.

Step 6. Delivery

Send My Bag® has an excellent rate of correct delivery estimations, with more than 95% of standard deliveries and 99.5% of express deliveries of unaccompanied luggage arriving on time. However, we recommend allowing a little extra time in case of any unexpected disruptions.

If you're sending within the European Union on an Express Service, you're covered by our on time guarantee.

As with collection, the named recipient or sender does not need to sign for the item; it can be anyone at the delivery address. For example, a concierge or the reception desk at your hotel may receive it for you, but please ensure that you have notified them of the delivery in advance.

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