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Travelling abroad can be a stressful time; not only do you need to remember all the tickets, passports and documents you need simply to travel, you frequently also have to deal with lengthy baggage check-in lines, long waits at the luggage collection carousels and the possibility of your bags going missing in transit. On top of all this, airlines are also now ramping up the costs of any excess luggage you want to take with you on your trip as well as shrinking the weight allowances you can take. This means that not only do the oversized luggage pieces including golf clubs, skis and surf boards cost you extra, but a bag that’s slightly heavier than usual containing hiking boots, overweight books or just lots of bulky clothing can be slapped with a fee too.

This is where Send My Bag™ can come to the rescue - being able to ship your outsized luggage and heavy bags worldwide at great value, saving you not only on costs, but also on hassle. No destination around the world is too far for us to deliver your boxes and bags, whether you need shipping to Italy for a year studying abroad, as far afield as Cambodia or New Zealand for a Gap Year, or you even just have an overweight bag for your quick holiday break to France.

If you’re taking an extended trip in America or Europe -travelling around, seeing the sights and getting a taste of the local culture - you’ll quite likely need to take a variety of different clothing with you in order to brave the seasons. For example, arriving in Spain in September will mean you need your sunhats, swimwear and shorts, but heading into Austria in late November will see mountains of snow that you’ll need to be protected against with bulky winter coats, gloves and woolly hats. Packing all of that into one suitcase to travel with clearly isn’t going to be an easy feat, but by using SendMyBag, you can take as many excess bags and boxes as you are able to pick up at your destination, whether you need ski boots and skis, or surfboards and sunglasses.

It’s a very simple process to get your luggage booked in for a collection from your home to take it directly to your destination, whether that’s within the EU or half way around the world. All you need to do is ensure that you’ve got the customs forms filled in that we’ll provide you with and that you have everything packed up ready for collection, complete with our labels, to ensure a quick and smooth process.

Wondering what your standard airline baggage allowance is? Check out Easyjet's baggage allowance or Ryanair's baggage allowance.

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