How much does it cost to ship a bag?

Visit our pricing page to check the cost of shipping to your destination in seconds.

Please also enter your postal / zip codes for greater accuracy, without these your quote will be based on shipping capital to capital.

The price displayed will be for sending one item up to a certain weight for example ‘up to 20kgs / 44lbs’ or ‘up to 30kgs / 66lbs’.

All prices are per item, for example you cannot send 3 x 10kg / 22lb items for the price quoted for a single item weighing up to 30kgs / 66lbs, if sending three items you would be charged for each one.

Our prices are based on both the size (volume) and weight of your items, our standard weight brackets come with a generous size allowance and most customers will find their items fall within these standard brackets. Further details can be found on our allowances page.

If you exceed the maximum size permitted for a particular weight bracket you will be charged for the next bracket up, or if you exceed the maximum size permitted for the highest weight bracket you will be charged excess volume.

We have recently introduced a 5kg express rate on a number routes, this service has been made available for the convenience of our customers who need to send a small package, our 5kg rate is not appropriate for luggage of any size.

If you need to send an item weighing more than 30kgs / 66lbs, you can do so paying per kg / lb for the additional weight required.

On certain services an additional fee will be displayed when you send an item exceeding 119cm / 47inches.

For an exact price for your item simply click ‘Book Now’ to proceed to step 1 of the order process. You won’t be prompted to sign-up or commit to placing an order, but at step 1 you will be prompted to enter the weight and dimensions of your item and a price based on the information entered will be displayed.

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