When are my labels ready to print? / Why aren’t my labels ready to print? / I can’t access my labels?

In the event your collection is taking place in a European country, labels are generally ready to print within 21 days of the collection date. If the collection is taking place outside of Europe, shipping labels are only available to download and print within 10 days of the collection date.

If your collection is within the time frames above, but your labels are still not available this may be due to:

  • If you are sending on a customs route you will need to complete your packing list and other customs documents before you can access your labels. Once this is completed your label will be accessible from your account.
  • The booking was placed a few minutes ago and our system has yet to generate the documents. Our system books shipments every 30 minutes.
  • If you have booked within the last few hours, your address may be awaiting a manual correction. For example, an incorrect postcode format or local name for a town not recognised by our system may cause booking errors. The Send My Bag team constantly monitor shipments being booked so any issues are usually spotted and resolved swiftly.

If you still cannot access your labels please contact the Send My Bag team.

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