Is there anything I can't send?

Items which are prohibited on all Send My Bag services include, but are not limited to; aerosols (or any pressurized container), perfume, nail varnish (or any other flammable liquids), toner/ printer cartridges, tobacco, alcohol, money (including small change), medications and perishable food stuffs.

Please see the full list of prohibited items within our terms and conditions.

When sending across customs borders each country may have its own additional list of prohibited items for customs and security reasons, it is the sender's responsibility to ensure they comply with international customs. Further information can be found on our destinations pages here.


Unaccompanied baggage aircraft security regulations strictly prohibit the sending of aerosols (or any other pressurised container) such as antiperspirant, deodorant, hairspray, spray paint etc. These items cannot be sent under any circumstances on any Send My Bag services.


Unaccompanied baggage aircraft security regulations strictly prohibit the sending of flammable liquids of any type. This includes obvious flammable liquids such as lighter fluid (cigarette lighters must not be sent) and other solvents labeled as flammable, but also includes less obvious flammable liquids such as aftershave, nail varnish and perfume. These items cannot be sent under any circumstances on any Send My Bag services.


Liquids, pastes and gels of all types including toiletries are completely prohibited on all international express routes (including every route to and from the USA) as these are serviced by air.

Most liquids, pastes and gels (excluding flammable ones e.g. nail varnish, perfume) such as shower gel, non-flammable makeup and toothpaste can be sent on our European standard (not express), UK domestic & USA domestic services as these routes are serviced by road. Please ensure all items are well sealed and there is no possibility of liquids leaking.

If shipping between the EU and UK, body creams, moisturisers, sun cream and lotions cannot currently be sent, more information is available here.


Fruit & vegetables, dairy products (including dried products containing dairy such as protein powder), meat, fish, nuts, seeds and perishable products of any kind are prohibited on all routes.

Some non-perishable foodstuffs such as confectionary are permitted on certain routes, please see here for further information.

Important: Battery Policy

This policy forms part of our terms of service.

Loose Batteries & Power Banks

We cannot accept shipments containing loose batteries or packets of batteries. Batteries can only be sent when included within a working device in line with the below guidance.

Power banks are also strictly prohibited on all services.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are a type of rechargeable battery found within mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, portable speakers, wireless games console controllers, wireless keyboards and many other devices.

Lithium batteries pose a serious fire risk and security regulations are in place worldwide regarding the shipping of devices containing lithium batteries.

You are only permitted to ship ONE device containing a lithium battery. Unless shipping to or from Australia or China, when you must not include any device containing batteries of any type.

The one device containing a lithium battery must be in working order. The device must be switched off and must be packed in such a way that it will not turn on accidentally during transit. The device must also be packed away from any other items which could cause it to short circuit.

If you are sending a larger device you must ensure the battery power is less than 100Wh (Watt Hours) and the weight of the electrical device with the battery installed must not exceed 5kgs.

NEVER ship an item containing a lithium battery if the electrical device or battery itself is known, or suspected, to be damaged or defective. Any products containing Lithium batteries which have been recalled from a retailer or manufacturer for any reason must also not be sent.

Strict security protocols exist surrounding the shipping of batteries within unaccompanied luggage and any person or company identified as the shipper on the supplied shipping documents is legally responsible for complying with the above information. Failure to do so will result in the bag being removed from transit and either returned to you or in some cases seized by the local government regulatory authority.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline batteries for example AA and AAA batteries sold by brands such as Duracell and Energizer are permitted to be sent (except to / from Australia & China*) as long as they are within a working device. Never send loose alkaline batteries or packets of batteries.

For example if you have three children's toys each with 2 x AA batteries inside, this is permitted (except to / from Australia & China*).

Items containing Alkaline batteries must be in working order and should be packed in such a way that they cannot switch on by accident.

*Batteries of any type, including Alkaline batteries must not be shipped to or from Australia or China, you can still send the item which takes batteries but the batteries must not be included.

DO NOT risk sending prohibited items

ALL shipments are x-rayed and are subject to security searches. If you include prohibited items your shipment will not be loaded to an aircraft and will be returned to you or in some countries may be seized. No refund will be provided for shipments returned under these circumstances and a £25 security processing fee will be due before your shipment can be recollected. If your shipment is seized you will need to seek to recover it directly from the local government authority. Send My Bag is in no way liable for loss of any type incurred when our battery policy is violated.

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