My bag has been collected, but isn’t tracking?

We will send you an email if your shipment does not track after the date of collection, to confirm the shipment has been collected. The Send My Bag team will then follow up with our courier partners to ensure your shipment begins tracking as soon as possible. 

There are a couple of common reasons why your bags may not be tracking.

Was your shipment handed over without your Send My Bag tracking labels attached? If so, the courier will need to re-label the shipment and supply us with the new tracking number. Once the new tracking number has been received, your order will be updated, and you will start to receive up to date tracking information.

As the shipping instructions for our courier partner are provided on your Send My Bag tracking labels, if your shipment is collected without labels attached, there may be further charges applied to your order as your shipment may be sent on the express service. A member of the Send My Bag team will be in touch if this is the case.

If shipping from Spain and Portugal, shipments may not begin tracking until they leave that country and enter the main global network. Send My Bag routinely monitors all shipments from these countries and will notify you once your shipment is tracking as normal.

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