How do I secure labels to a bag without Label Holders?

Tracking labels must be securely attached to your shipment in such a way that they cannot become detached whilst in transit. If you do not have Send My Bag label holders, the recommended way to attach your label is to place it in a document wallet and then attach that to your bag by wrapping tape around the bag so it doubles back on itself until you are satisfied the label will not budge.

When applicable, customs forms and packing lists must be attached securely and separately from the tracking labels to remain visible to the relevant customs authority.


Whilst Send My Bag label holders attach to a bag with cable ties, these are unlike a standard document wallet as they are made from thicker plastic and have metal reinforced attachment holes to prevent them being easily ripped off.

DO NOT attach labels in a plastic document wallets (except official reinforced Send My Bag label holders) using string, cable ties, staples, pins, or by simply running tape around the edge of the label. These methods are not secure and it is extremely easy for labels attached in this way to fall off during transit. Labels should also not be attached to luggage using sticky back document wallets, while these are suitable for attaching labels to cardboard boxes, they are not suitable for attaching labels to luggage.

When you can't get our label holders in time for collection we simply ask you to consider that your bag will move through an automated network, rubbing against other bags along the way and if you can rip your label off easily then it is likely that it will fall off in transit. 

As the labels contain the tracking information for your shipment, Send My Bag cannot accept liability for any loss or delays resulting from poorly attached labels becoming detached. To ensure you have a great experience, when you don't have label holders it is always worth spending a few extra minutes to ensure your label is not going anywhere.

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