Do you offer insurance? What are your cover levels?

Send My Bag provides live tracking every step of the way and our app will even send you free push notifications as your bag travels through the network.

Send My Bag Complimentary Cover was created to address customer concerns regarding what would happen in the event a suitcase was lost in transit and that remains the product's core purpose. Should an item (sent in line with our terms) be deemed unrecoverable after a search process, Send My Bag will work with the customer to swiftly move through the claim process.

Complimentary Cover Levels

We transport luggage for a wide range of customers, traveling for a host of reasons and as such it is not appropriate for us to default to any particular cover level. During the order process you will be prompted to select the level of cover required for your own needs, choosing either the free cover level or upgrading your cover as appropriate for a small additional fee.

Once your order is placed you will be reminded of the cover level you selected in your order received email and if on second thoughts you'd prefer to upgrade to a higher level this can be done quickly and easily from your Send My Bag account.

GBP: £125 included. Upgrade options: £250 for £4. £500 for £8. £1,000 for £16. £1,500 for £24.

USD: $200 included. Upgrade options: $350 for $5.50. $700 for $11.00. $1,400 for $22.00. $2,050 for $33.00.

Euro: €150 included. Upgrade options: €300 for €5. €600 for €9.50. €1,200 for €18.50. €1,750 for €28.

Complimentary Cover is also available during the order process in Australian Dollars and Swedish krona.

If you require additional protection before traveling please ensure you have adequate travel, home or item specific insurance in place.

Cover limitations

Send My Bag Cover is not an insurance product based on individual circumstances and as such it is important you are aware of its limitations. Send My Bag Cover does not replace travel, home or item specific (for example sports equipment or musical instrument) insurance and we ask all customers to ensure you have appropriate insurance in place against loss, damage and delay to suit your own particular circumstances.

Our full cover terms are available from within our Terms of Service and we ask a few minutes is taken to review the terms. Within the terms you will find limitations such as:

- Your item must be prepared correctly and the tracking label attached in such a way that it will not easily come off. You must not attach your label in the following ways; by placing it in a plastic document wallet and tying it to a bag, pinning it to a bag, or using sticky tape but not looping it entirely round the bag, if you attach your label in these ways you risk the label falling off as the bag moves through the network and cover will not apply. To ensure your labels are securely attached to your bag we recommend having free label holders posted to you prior to collection. If you do not have time to receive free label holders please review our information on attaching labels without label holders.

- Our service is designed for an average suitcase of mixed personal effects. The maximum any individual item will contribute to any claim payment will be limited to £250. For example if a suitcase covered to £1500 was being claimed for you would need to claim for a minimum of 6 items with a like for like replacement value at or above £250. If you are sending items valued above £250 please ensure your own insurance has you covered.

- Send My Bag cover does not cover damage to any item which we advise is prohibited or sent at your own risk, including but not limited to; glass, ceramics, electrical items (e.g. TVs, PCs, laptops, printers).

- While all items are handled with care, Send My Bag provides information on how bags will transit through the network in various places including within our "How should I prepare bag for transport?' FAQ. We also advise spinner style and high value suitcases are not appropriate for our automated network. In line with this advice, should an appropriately prepared suitcase be damaged beyond future use while in our care the maximum claim payable will be £125.

- All Send My Bag transit times are provided in an X-Y format (e.g. 2-3 days), our estimated delivery dates are estimated and Send My Bag Cover does not cover transit delays. If your bag is time sensitive we recommend allowing additional time for it to arrive ahead of when it is required.

Please ensure your bag is prepared appropriately and does not contain anything which you are warned is prohibited, if prohibited items have been included or your label is not attached in line with our guidance, no claim can be pursued.

For full details on what is covered and on how to place a claim please see our terms and conditions.

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