Why has my card been declined?

The most common reasons for our system declining a payment are:

The card type being used is not one we accept, such as the Discover card or JCB card.

We are a UK based company and if you are paying from another country, your bank may sometimes block payment as they will see your card being used in different international locations with a few hours but cannot tell if the payment is online or the card being physically used. This is nothing to worry about, and a quick call to your card issuer to confirm you authorise the payment is all that is normally required.

The currency you are trying to pay in is not automatically permitted by your bank. For example, if you are trying to pay in Euros, but have an Australian bank account, your account may not allow automatic currency changes and you may need to contact your bank to allow this.

If your payment has failed, please click here to try your payment again. Once logged in, click the order reference of the order that you wish to make a payment on.

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Verifying your payment

What is 3D Secure?

We use 3D secure to provide an additional security layer for processing credit and debit card purchases.

If you have been stuck on this page for more than 15 seconds then we may be experiencing issues contacting your bank to verify your payment. To resolve this please try the following:

You can attempt your payment again by going to your My Account page.