Can I send toiletries and other liquids?

Liquids, pastes & gels of all types are entirely prohibited on all international Express routes (including every route to and from the USA).

Liquids, pastes and gels (excluding flammable ones e.g. nail varnish and perfume) such as shower gel, non flammable makeup and toothpaste can be sent on all our standard services (not express), UK Domestic & USA Domestic services. Please ensure there is no possibility of liquids leaking.

If shipping between the EU and UK, body creams, moisturisers, sun cream and lotions cannot currently be sent, more information is available here.

Warning! all aerosols are prohibited

Unaccompanied baggage aviation laws strictly prohibit aerosols (or any other pressurised container) and flammable liquids (such as perfumes and aftershaves) of any type on all routes

Do not risk sending prohibited items, ALL shipments are x-rayed and are subject to security searches. If you include prohibited items your shipment will not be loaded to an aircraft and will be returned to you. No refund will be provided for shipments returned under these circumstances and a £25 security processing fee will be due before your shipment can be recollected. In some cases your shipment could also be seized and action taken against you by the FAA or other authorities.

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