How far in advance do I need to book, how soon can you collect?

Send My Bag can usually collect a shipment as soon as the next working day; however this will depend on your collection location and the size of your shipment.

Same day collections may also be available when shipping within the UK or EU.

To view the available collection dates based on your specific circumstances, please visit our pricing page and simply click ‘Book Now’. You won’t be prompted to sign-up or commit to placing an order and once you reach step 3 of the booking process, the available collection dates based on the size of your shipment and collection location will be displayed.

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Verifying your payment

What is 3D Secure?

We use 3D secure to provide an additional security layer for processing credit and debit card purchases.

If you have been stuck on this page for more than 15 seconds then we may be experiencing issues contacting your bank to verify your payment. To resolve this please try the following:

You can attempt your payment again by going to your My Account page.