How does the UK leaving the EU (Brexit) affect Send My Bag services?

Delays are Possible

Brexit related delays continue to affect GB < > EU routes, time critical shipments (e.g. baggage for a holiday) should not be sent GB < > EU and all shipments should be given additional time to clear customs.

Due to provisions under the Northern Ireland Protocol, customers in Northern Ireland are not affected by Brexit, our NI < > EU services are running as normal.

Customs Requirements - Personal Effects

All shipments travelling UK (*excluding NI) < > EU are now subject to formal customs clearance.

When sending your own personal belongings e.g. when relocating, studying abroad or traveling for a holiday, you will be required to comply with destination customs regulations.

This will typically include completing a packing list and providing additional information demonstrating the nature of the shipment. The additional information varies by destination and more details can be found on our destination pages.

As customs clearance is processed by the destination customs authority and is based on what you are sending and your own personal circumstances, Send My Bag provides personal effects customs clearance information from our experience but we cannot make any guarantees regarding destination customs clearance requirements or fees.

If your UK < > EU shipment is not granted tax free entry, VAT and other associated import and clearance fees may be applied by the destination customs authority, which will be collected by our courier partner in the destination.

Please be aware our courier partner may contact the receiver on behalf of the destination customs authority. This communication may also take place in the local language of the destination. When possible you should interact with these communications directly providing them with any information they have requested, but should you require assistance please do forward the communications to us.

Gift and Care Packages

The value limit for shipping gifts duty free GB < > EU is £39 / €45. If you are sending items of higher value; duties, taxes and a customs handling fee will now be charged before delivery in the destination. The final decision on any customs duties are that of the destination customs authority.

For further information on sending gifts to a particular destination please visit the relevant destination pages. Please also ensure you do not send any items which are now restricted which are now restricted.

Commercial Items

If your shipment complies with the rules of origin, the destination customs authority will reduce import duty to 0%. Your customer in the destination will still however need to pay import VAT and handling fees. Commercial shippers should also comply with any relevant shipping guidelines and restrictions in place for their industry.

Disputing Customs Fees

Customs fees and associated charges are raised by the destination customs authority based on international agreements and are applied based on what you have sent, your own personal circumstances and your ability to provide the customs authority with any corroborating information they may require. The fees will be collected on behalf of the destination customs authority by the delivering courier partner. If you believe a fee has been raised incorrectly, please do feel free to contact us, however if the destination customs authority confirms the fee was applied correctly based on what you have sent and your own personal circumstances, Send My Bag will be unable to influence their final decision. Due to backlogs at customs authorities within the UK and EU, it may take Send My Bag several weeks to receive an answer from a customs authority and due to data protection in some cases we may need to advise you how to dispute the charge rather than being able to dispute it on your behalf.

Please see our destinations pages for further information.

Please visit our customs information page for a general overview of customs processes.

Prohibited Items

As the UK is no longer part of the EU single market, some cosmetic and food items such as chocolate which could previously be shipped are now restricted and can no longer be sent on our services UK< > EU. Please find more information in our separate article here.

Brexit Surcharge

As the UK has left the EU, shipments travelling between the UK (*excluding NI) and Europe are now subject to customs clearance procedures.

In the first instance our partners are accounting for the additional cost by charging Send My Bag c. 28p / kg (subject to a minimum of £4.50). We have taken the decision to pass this charge on at cost - Send My Bag does not profit from this surcharge.

We hope that once the initial disruption has settled that our partners will be able to reduce this charge.

Temporary Fuel Surcharge

As a transport business one of our largest costs is the fuel we pay our logistics partners. As you will be aware, during 2022 fuel prices increased dramatically. Initially we absorbed rising fuel costs but from March we had to pass a portion of the cost on. We introduced a temporary floating surcharge, currently 10%.

We added this as a surcharge rather than increasing our base prices as this allows us to increase and decrease the surcharge on a monthly basis. Having already reduced the surcharge from a high of 15% down to 10%, our hope is that in the months ahead we will be able to remove it entirely, we appreciate your support and patience while this temporary charge remains in place.

*Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland < > EU shipments are NOT subject to the Brexit surcharge or the same customs processes as GB < > EU shipments, for the purposes of shipping goods Northern Ireland has effectively remained within the EU. Shipments to / from NI may however still be affected from time to time by minor Brexit related delays at UK ports.

UK Domestic Service: Great Britain < > Northern Ireland

This service is running as normal.

At this time there has been no changes to this service for private customers. Our prohibited item list linked to during the order process and emailed to you once your booking has been completed should however be adhered to as standard.

Commercial shippers should abide by the relevant guidance for their industry and attach the appropriate documentation.

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