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thinks of SendMyBag
The most convenient service I ever used
I am super happy with this service, even though i made changes in my order, they handled it super fast and yet delivered my order 1 day earlier than estimated delivery time.
Nisa, Sending from France to UK
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Alana H verified customer
October 2021
Exceeded expectations
Exceeded expectations with how quick and easy it was! Took 10 days to send a suitcase from the UK to rural NZ. Ability to track your bag the whole time via an app is also reassuring. Great value for money also. Would definitely recommend.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1
Dawn verified customer
October 2021
Efficient and on time.
This service has been very efficient overall. I wanted to use this service for relocating a few things abroad. I had to give customer service a call the first time to clarify things and they were quick to respond and really helpful with my queries. Booking was no trouble at all. The only reason why I didn't give this service 5 stars is because when it was collection day for my box and luggages I was surprised there was only 1 guy who went to collect them considering the heaviest box was at 40kg. He was not even aware of this despite me putting all the info online and he was even complaining that it was too heavy, I shouldn't have packed it that heavy, and because he has a bad knee at that time (and this service said the max load we can send per load is 70kg). He even said at first that he wouldn't take it because of the weight and I told him that I am relocating and that I can't leave the box in that flat and that I'll help him put the box downstairs.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 3
Brona B verified customer
October 2021
Excellent service!
This service is excellent. Two boxes collected around 5pm in Belfast. Successfully delivered to London address by noon next day.
Lifetime Bags Sent: 2
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