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2017 Ryanair Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees

What is Ryanair's baggage allowance? Find out here

ryanair baggage allowance

Ryanair Baggage Allowance

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ryanair hand luggage Allowance

Ryanair's hand luggage allowance has seen some recent changes. Now the only item of hand luggage that all passengers may bring on board is a small personal item, such as a hand bag or laptop bag. This is unless passengers pay £5 for Priority Boarding or if they have a Plus/ Flexi Plus ticket, in which case they may also bring a larger item of hand luggage on board with them. Passengers who do not purchase Priority Boarding can still bring both their personal item and their larger cabin bag to the boarding gate, at which point the larger item will be tagged and placed into the hold, free of charge. NOTE: This policy has now been postponed until 15th January, 2018.

The Ryanair hand luggage allowance is as follows:

  • One smaller item of hand luggage, such as a handbag or laptop bag, with dimensions up to 35 x 20 x 20 cm.
  • One larger item of hand luggage, with dimensions no greater than 55 x 40 x 20 cm, and weighing no more than 10 kg.
  • Passengers with Priority Boarding or a Plus/ Flexi Plus ticket will be permitted to keep both items of hand luggage with them in the cabin.
  • Passengers without Priority Boarding or a Plus/ Flexi Plus ticket will have their larger item of hand luggage tagged and placed in the hold for free at the boarding gate.
    NOTE: This policy has now been postponed until 15th January, 2018.
  • Priority Boarding costs £5 at initial booking or £6 thereafter.

It should be noted that Ryanair airplanes can only accommodate 90 cabin bags at one time. When this limit has been reached, further bags will be placed in the hold at no cost The bags of passengers with Priority Boarding will not be place in the hold, unless strictly necessary.

If travelling with an infant (23 months and under) seated on your lap, you may also bring into the cabin a baby bag up to 5kg in weight. There is no additional cabin baggage allowance for the infant.

As part of Ryanair’s carry-on luggage allowance you are permitted to carry a small musical instrument, such as a cello, guitar or violin, on board if you purchase an extra seat for the item.

what if my bag is overweight/ oversized?

If an item of cabin luggage exceeds the dimensions or weight permitted by Ryanair’s baggage allowance, it will be placed in the hold and a charge of £50/€50 (plus VAT) will be levied.

ryanair hand luggage allowance for toiletries and make uP

Ryanair allows passengers to pack toiletries and make up into their hand luggage provided all liquids are in containers of no more than 100 ml. In addition, all liquids must be within one transparent, resealable plastic bag with dimensions of no more than 20 cm x 20 cm.

ryanair hand luggage prohibited items

There are a number of items that are prohibited on board Ryanair flights. These include:

  • firearms
  • sharp objects
  • blunt instruments that could cause injury e.g. a baseball bat
  • explosives
  • flammable substances
  • chemical and toxic substances

ryanair checked baggage

Ryanair's checked baggage allowance has been updated. The weight limit for all checked bags has now been increased to 20 kg. Charges still apply for this service, as detailed below:

Passengers may pay to check up to three 20 kg bags on a Ryanair flight. To check a bag on Ryanair it costs £25 per bag, £35 during peak periods, or £40 at the airport.

If a bag exceeds the pre-booked checked baggage allowance, excess baggage fees will be charged at £10/€10 per kilo.

No single checked bag may exceed 32 kg in weight or dimensions of 81 x 119 x 119 cm.

children's hold luggage allowance

Ryanair’s baggage allowance permits one fully collapsible pushchair per child, plus one of the following items to be carried free of charge: car seat/booster seat /travel cot.

Ryanair sports equipment

Sporting equipment, such as snowboards, skis, golf clubs or bikes, and large musical instruments may be checked into the hold in addition to other checked baggage, as long as each item does not exceed 20 kg (or 30 kg for bikes). Prices vary according to item. The fee for a ‘large sports item’, for example, is £50/€50, one way, or £60/€60 if paid via the telephone or at the airport. Bikes cost £60/€60 online or £70/€70 at the airport/ by telephone.  


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ryanair baggage news

20/11/2017: Ryanair flights for under a tenner

Ryanair are offering Black Friday deals on flights, with some going for as little as £9.99. These flights are to be taken in December this year, but there are likely to be more deals popping up in the next few days. Why not grab one of these deals and avoid Ryanair's baggage fees by shipping your luggage to your destination with Send My Bag?

25/10/2017: Ryanair new cabin baggage policy postponed

The new Ryanair cabin baggage policy, which states that any passengers without Priority Boarding will have their larger item of hand luggage placed in the hold, has now been postponed until 15th January, 2018 to allow passengers to get used to the idea.

27/09/2017: Ryanair travel chaos to continue for months

Following the disruption caused by Ryanair incorrectly scheduling staff holidays, the airline has now announced that it is suspending 34 routes over the winter period, including Newcastle to Faro and London Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Passengers will have to find alternative modes of transport on the 34 routes affected, looking to more expensive airlines or slower transport options such as bus and train. 

25/09/2017: no insurance pay-outs for many ryanair passengers

Although Ryanair has offered limited compensation to those passengers affected by its cancelled flights, holidaymakers are unlikely to be reimbursed for any other aspects of their holiday they have missed out on. This is because most basic holiday insurance packages do not cover loss as a result of cancelled flights. 

18/09/2017: flight misery for ryanair passengers

Ryanair has cancelled approximately 2000 flights, leaving 315,000 passengers either stranded abroad, stuck at home and missing their holidays, or forking out hundreds of pounds to make other arrangements. This is a result of a blunder over the scheduling of pilot holidays.

The knock-on effect of this scheduling error is likely to be enormous, especially for passengers among the 50 million people every year who choose to travel on self-connected flights. At the best of times these passengers have to do all the leg-work themselves when it comes to checking, reclaiming and rechecking their baggage onto different flights. If their Ryanair flights are cancelled, they will encounter all manner of difficulty trying to reorganise their itineraries, and all with a pile of baggage in tow.

06/09/2017: only small handbag is guaranteed hand luggage

New Ryanair baggage rules mean that, unless passengers pay £5 for Priority Boarding, they will be forced to place their larger item of cabin baggage into the hold once they arrive at the boarding gate. This means that non-Priority customers will only be able to bring their small personal item on board with them.

This is likely to cause problems for passengers who are unaware of the new policy and who have not prepared their hand baggage for the stresses and strains of being loaded into and out of the hold. Damaged hand luggage will likely become a common occurance on Ryanair flights. 

There is now all the more reason to send your luggage to your destination and avoid altogether the hassle of flying with luggage.

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