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RyanAir Baggage Allowance & Excess Luggage Fees

Check Ryanair baggage size restrictions and fees before you travel.

ryanair Carry-on Allowance

Ryanair allows passengers to carry one larger item of cabin baggage, with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm, and which is not heavier than 10 kg, plus one smaller item up to 35 x 20 x 20 cm.

If travelling with an infant (23 months and under) seated on your lap, you may also carry a baby bag up to 5kg in weight. There is no separate baggage allowance for the infant.

It is important to note that Ryanair aircraft can only accommodate 90 cabin bags. Once this limit has been reached, any additional bags will be placed in the hold free of charge. The bags of passengers with Priority Boarding will not be required to go in the hold, unless strictly necessary.

You may carry a small musical instrument, such as a cello, guitar or violin, on board with you if you purchase an extra seat for the item.

if your bag is overweight/ oversized

If an item of cabin luggage exceeds the permitted dimensions or weight, it will be placed in the hold and a charge of £50/€50 (plus VAT) will be levied.

ryanair Checked-in baggage

Ryanair allows passengers to check up to two bags. These can be either 15 kg or 20 kg in weight. The required weight can be selected during booking.

The fee for each bag depends on the type of route being travelled on – whether it is a domestic flight of less than 2 hours, a non-domestic flight less than 3 hours long, or a flight that lasts longer than 3 hours.

The fee for a 15 kg bag on a domestic flight of less than 2 hours (within France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain or Greece) is £15/€15, one way. For a 20 kg bag the fee is £25/€25.

On a non-domestic flight that lasts less than 3 hours the fee for a 15 kg bag is £25/€25, one way, or £35/€35 for a 20 kg bag.

On a flight that last longer than 3 hours (international Canary Islands routes, international Greek routes and other selected routes) the cost of checking a 15 kg bag is £40/€40, one way, or £50/€50 for a 20 kg bag.

The above are all online prices. If you book checked luggage using the Ryanair call centre or at the airport, you will be charged an extra €10 per bag, one way.

Business Plus customers may check a 20 kg bag free of charge.

children's luggage

Ryanair allow one fully collapsible pushchair per child, plus one of the following items to be carried free of charge: car seat/booster seat /travel cot.

Any further items of child equipment (max 20 kg per item) must be paid for. The cost stands at £10 per item, one way, if booking online, or £20 via telephone or at the airport.

ryanair excess baggage fees

If a bag exceeds the pre-booked checked baggage allowance, excess baggage fees will be charged at £10/€10 per kilo.

In no circumstances does Ryanair accept baggage that exceeds 32 kg in weight or dimensions of 81 x 119 x 119 cm.

Exceptional items

Sporting or musical equipment such as golf clubs, bikes, snowboards, skis and large musical instruments may be checked into the hold in addition to other checked baggage, as long as each item does not exceed 20 kg (or 30 kg for bikes). Prices vary according to item. The fee for a ‘large sports item’, for example, is £50/€50, one way, or £60/€60 if paid via the telephone or at the airport. Bikes cost £60/€60 online or £70/€70 at the airport/ by telephone.  

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