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Earn commission on sales generated from your website or travel agency

As the leading door to door shipping provider worldwide Send My Bag® counts many local, national and international websites amongst our affiliate partners, from national higher education organisations to fashion blogs and travel agents.

Send My Bag® Affiliate Scheme

As part of the Send My Bag® affiliate program the travel agent or referring website will receive a healthy commission of 5-10%, for example receiving up to £32 for a return 30kg suitcase UK - Australia.

Depending on your commission structure choice you can also have the option of incentivizing customers with a 5% discount on their first order.

Edel Dohery, managing director at Business Travel Solutions’ NI division commented on the scheme:

“We are always finding ways of reducing our customers’ travel budgets and luggage is no exception. Airlines see baggage as a revenue stream, therefore the costs of luggage are escalating. Send My Bag® has helped us reduce our customers’ luggage costs while providing a hassle free way of shipping it around the world. It’s easy to book, reliable and cost effective!”

With 10,000 routes worldwide, 7 days / week customer service, thousands of independent reviews and with huge appeal to international students, ex pats, holidaymakers, corporate travellers and those relocating abroad Send My Bag® makes the ideal affiliate partner - get in touch today.

PS. The consumer watchdog Which? even found Send My Bag® better value compared to checking one 20kg bag with a low cost airline.

NB. Our affiliate scheme is not open to websites or other businesses which exist solely for the purpose of providing discounts or cashback. 

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