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From idea to over 100,000 bags shipped

The Send My Bag™ team is headed up by founder & CEO, Adam who only wanted to help his girlfriend get her stuff home to Northern Ireland from uni. As some airlines had already started to charge considerably more for a second suitcase (or simply wouldn't allow more than 1 bag to be checked), near the end of term Adam would fly across for a weekend away and on his return take a large suitcase full of his girlfriend's stuff home. 

On one occasion they both hauled suitcases across town, spent 2.5 hours on a coach and were then hit with an excess baggage charge of £60 at check-in due to one of the suitcases being only 3kg over the airline’s limit!

To Adam it was clear what needed to be done. After scouring the internet, he found nothing that would be able to solve his problem, so he had to do it himself: start a company that would make irritating fees, long queues and negotiating public transport with bulky and heavy bags into a thing of the past. And thus Send My Bag™ was born, making travel once again the enjoyable experience that it used to be.

Now an innovator in their sector, Send My Bag™ have gone on from small beginnings, of just trying to help students get their bags home more quickly and easily without having excess luggage fees slapped on by airlines, to becoming the industry leader in the sector worldwide.

Today Send My Bag™ operates thousands of routes, has developed specialist and unrivalled cross-border customs clearance procedures and provides support from the UK and NYC 7 days a week. Oh, and Which? also found our prices beat airline baggage charges!


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Madeleine G verified customer
February 2018
I never had to worry one single bit!!!!
Seriously this company is so great! I wish I would of heard about it sooner. Thanks for keeping me always updated and getting my things home safely
Lifetime Bags Sent: 1

The Top Team

Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland and NYC, USA the Send My Bag™ team encompasses an enthusiastic group of people bringing skills and knowledge from a diverse range of backgrounds; our CTO Carl moved continents to join the team, while in a past career Michael our Head of Customer Services held the rank of Sergeant Major. Everyone from the CEO to the newest customer service representative is committed to driving Send My Bag™ forward to change travel and to provide the best experience for our customers.

Innovation every day

At Send My Bag™ innovation and expertise go hand in hand, from pre-emptive tracking alerts to providing estimated transit times based on your postcode rather than country, every day we want to get better. Grant our Managing Director of Operations has worked with officials in over 100 countries developing new ways to allow almost instantaneous customs clearance of personal effects across international boarders, but we plan to make it even better with the elimination of all customs documents.

Our customers are our number one source of inspiration. We receive hundreds of independent reviews each month and it's often from amongst those comments that we draw the ideas for constantly improving the service.  Once you've used Send My Bag™, please do keep the suggestions coming!

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